Make Home Your Sweet Escape

As times continue to shift and change, the importance of home has never been greater, and though life may be taking place in a more secluded way, home is the place where you can continue to live your moments despite the circumstance. This sets the backdrop for Luxury Collection’s Spring/Summer 2020 campaign, “Make Home Your Sweet Escape.”

“The past two months have been full of unexpected challenges, and I know that everyone has different hurdles they have had to overcome,” said Lori Lane, Senior Vice President of Luxury Collection. “Dan Forsman, our President and CEO, has encouraged us all to find our silver linings during this time, and I wanted that same sentiment to be mirrored in our new campaign.”

The in-house creative team conceptualized and produced the entire campaign. From the model and wardrobe to the selection of music and location, which was an exceptional Luxury Collection listing, the team meticulously thought out every detail.  Accompanying the Spring/Summer 2020 campaign, Luxury Collection has released a short film to emphasize the use of storytelling and the incorporation of the five senses in their avant-garde marketing approach.  A mini-drip campaign highlighting each of the five senses was released on social media before the launch of the short film to further build anticipation and detail how each sense plays a role in the campaign.

Whether it’s having a tea party in your backyard, treating yourself to your favorite home-cooked meal, camping in your living room, or discovering a new skill, home is the place where you can create life’s most precious moments despite what’s happening in the world. The campaign aims to inspire others to find a sense of joy life’s simple pleasures and discover that home truly can be your sweet escape.