Google My Business: How It Can Help Your Real Estate Business Get Found On Google + Steps To Setup Your Profile

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With plenty of real estate websites roaming the web and competing for clicks via search engines, it’s critical for agents to have a basic understanding of how search engines work, what they look for when displaying search results, and what you can actively do to increase your search engine rankings. One way to significantly boost your chances of showing up on a relevant google search term is to setup your own Google My Business profile. Google My business is a great way for real estate agents to give themselves a better opportunity to appear on local search and maps results. By having a Google My Business profile, Google will use the information from your profile to determine if your business is relevant to your prospects’ search intent. The best part? It’s free and very simple to setup.

How Google My Business Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Having a Google My Business profile can help your real estate business stand out from the rest of the other real estate organizations competing for users’ attention and clicks. When a potential client is typing a broad search term like atlanta real estate agent or top realtors in alpharetta, your Google My Business profile has a chance of showing up as part of a group of local results that best satisfies the user’s search intent. This not only increases your brand’s visibility, but increases your brand awareness altogether.

How to Setup your Google My Business Profile For Your Real Estate Business

Step 1: Go To Google Business page and Sign In.

Step 2: This page will ask you to search for an existing Google My Business listing. Assuming you don’t have one yet, you will want to click on the Add your business to Google link

Step 3: Type the name of your business under Business Name – this will be the name that’s displayed on search results pages

Step 4: Search for the category you want your Google My Business profile to appear under

Step 5: Enter your business’ address as you want it to appear on search results. If you would like to use your office/broker’s address, feel free to enter that address instead.

Step 5a: If you choose to sign up with the address of your brokerage’s office, you will be prompted to check if you own any of the business accounts that appear. Click on None of These to proceed.

Step 6: If your business makes frequent visits to clients outside of the Google My Business location, click on Yes, I also serve them outside my location.

In other words, if you meet with your clients outside of the office, perhaps their place of residency, you will want to click on Yes, I also serve them outside my location.

Step 7: Add the list of cities you want to appear for on search results. If you want your business to be considered for searches like Atlanta Real Estate Agent, add Atlanta under the list of cities.

Step 8: Add your contact details and link to your website

Step 9: Click Finish when you’re ready to submit your business to google

Step 10: Lastly, you will need to verify your new Google My Business account. You can either receive a phone call or text with a verification code. If none of those options work for you, you can request a verification code through standard mail.

Step 11: Continue To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Once you have verified your Google My Business account, you will then have access to the dashboard where you can manage every detail of your profile, from your hours of operation, the list of services you provide, etc. You will also be able to receive and manage your customer reviews through Google My Business.

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